Can I confess to you, family?

I am flawed. Yes me.

My theology is not always perfect. I’m learning.

I am not always patient. I’m growing.

Recently, I went through a time of depression. God has delivered me.

Sometimes I get angry and have to be reminded by the Holy Spirit to forgive.

I have voted Republican. I have voted Democratic. Sometimes in the same election.

I hate country music, rap music, and heavy metal. Yes hate.

You may not always agree with me. I may not always agree with you. I am opinionated and have no problems in telling you what I think.

I’m telling you this not out of some false humility. I make this confession because I don’t want you to be surprised when I in some way disappoint you. I’m given you an opportunity to unfriend and unfollow me.

We have become a nation of consumers. We demand our schools and our churches cater to our individual and specific needs. We want comfort. So we protest schools when the curriculum causes our child to work a little harder than normal. We boycott companies because their political views differ from ours. We leave churches because our pastors and worship services don’t meet our expectation.

So if in order to glean from my posts, you need me to be perfect, you need me to vote the way you do, believe theologically the way you do, boycott what you boycott then please unfriend me. Don’t buy my books.

But if you are willing to have civil theological discussions where we both learn and grow…

If you are willing to celebrate what God is doing within me, while accepting I am still being perfected…

If you are okay with me being different than you, voting differently than you…

Then let’s work together as flawed saints to lead people to a greater revelation of God’s love. Let us ban together as the imperfect perfected and be the epitome of Jesus’ exhortation: “They will know us by our love for one another.”

If you are okay with me being flawed, continue to follow me through these posts and yes, please, buy my books. I am flawed but I am totally in love with Jesus.