Disappointed No More

Yesterday, my friend Neal was teaching on thinking above the line. He encouraged us to not think the worse was going to happen, but to imagine the best will happen. “If you are going to make up a future, make it a good one,” he encouraged.

As I listened to his teaching, the thought kept popping into my head, “Yeah, but I’m tired of being disappointed.” I am generally a glass half full type of girl. I dream big, I think big and I genuinely believe, everything will work out for my good.

But nonetheless, I find myself disappointed by some things. God has given me promises that I have not seen come to pass. I believed for a good outcome, I imagined what it would look like and it did not happen the way I imagined. The breakthrough has been delayed. And I have grown weary in the wait. I am disappointed.

So as I listen to Neal’s teaching, I was in conflict. I agreed with every word. I know what the Bible says but my reality was vying for my agreement.

But then God’s voice spoke louder than Neal’s. Louder than my reality. I’m sharing this to encourage anyone who may be walking in disappointment:

“Melissa, you have put a period where I have put a comma. What you have thought was the end, was just a pause. There are no time limits on my promises. Remember, I do not work within your time frame. I see the big picture and in the end, I’m working it out for your good. My daughter, I ALWAYS have your best interest at heart. I always want what is best for you, my daughter. Don’t be disappointed. Be patient. It ain’t over.”

If you find yourself disappointed, here are a few scriptures on which to meditate:

Hope does not disappoint. Romans 5:5
In You they trusted and was not disappointed. Psalms 22:5
Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed. Romans 10:11

The cure for disappointment – trust, believe, hope.

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