A Radical Idea

Yesterday, I read an article blasting one group for proclaiming Christianity while not following what they considered the true doctrines of Christianity. Of course the other group blasted them for not upholding what they considered the foundations of the faith. It’s all very sad and I’m sure confusing for those on the outside.

So I have a suggestion. It’s a bit radical. It may make you a bit uncomfortable. It may cause you to reevaluate your faith.

Are you ready for my radical idea? “What if we each – personally, individually – did what Jesus did without accusing or pointing fingers at others? The Bible says Jesus went around doing good. What if every person who professed Christianity, in their everyday life, just looked for opportunities to do good and then did them? Say a kind word, love unconditionally, forgive freely, pray for your coworker who has a headache, give to the poor, mentor someone, befriend someone from a different faith or ethnic group. What if we stopped trying to legislate how people behave and simply became an example of how to treat one another?”

I know this is a radical, pie in the sky idea. But I’m going to give it a try in my personal life. I’ve been anointed with Holy Spirit and with power. As Jesus was in this world, so am I (I John 4:17b). So, like Jesus, I can go around and do good. Join me and we can start a revolution right here, right now.

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