The Conversation

“My grace is sufficient, my daughter.”

But I’m tired. I’m sleep deprived and my to-do list continues to grow.

“My Grace is sufficient, my daughter.”

But I’m tired of people. I’m finding it hard to be gracious. I have no patience for whining.

“My Grace is sufficient, my daughter.”

I feel like I’m not doing anything well – Work. Ministry. Wifing. I’m drowning.

“My Grace is sufficient, my daughter.”

[Sigh] Why do you keep saying this to me? 

[Smile] “Because you keep telling me how you feel and I’m telling you Truth. You keep telling me what you can’t do and I am telling you what I’ve already done. I’m inviting you to lay down your stress, your anxiousness, your to-do list and partner with my peace. I’m inviting you to be still and know I am enough. I’m inviting you to lean into Me, lean into My Almightiness, lean into my Grace.”

[Weeping] But I feel stuck. How do I accept the invitation.

[Extending His hand] “Start by simply believing, My Grace is sufficient. Know, there is nothing you will encounter today that I have not prepared you for. There is no place you will go where I’m not holding your hand. 

[Sits me in His lap] “Practice my Presence throughout the day. Pray before you begin to feel overwhelm. Ask me for wisdom in the simplest details. Keep worship music blasting. Pray in the Spirit throughout the day.”

[Wipes the tears away] “Rest. Laugh. Play. Turn off the noise.”

[Draws me close and whispers] “Live in the moment. My grace is like manna. It’s fresh every morning. And if you use today’s grace to worry about tomorrow, it only begins to smell.”

[Draws me even closer and kisses my forehead] “My Grace is sufficient, my daughter. You were created for such a time as this. You were purposed to thrive. Your were destined to win. In Me you are strong. Fierce. Do you believe me?”

[Sniffles and nods with a slight smile]. Yes.

[Smiles. Takes my hand] “Come on. Our day awaits.”

[He leads. I follow.]